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saison-darklyThose of you who've been following us for a while know that we're serious about craft beer. We love the beer, the industry and its fans! We think of craft beer as both an art and an entertainment, and we believe strongly that the art of craft beer is not confined to the drink itself - just the opposite! It starts with the brewers craft and emanates outward . . . The craft beer industry has generated communities of creative people doing and creating things that never would have happened if not for the craft beer movement, and one of the things that excites us the most is craft beer's contribution to design and label art.

We at AmericanCraftBeer.com feel strongly that the label's art is an important part of the craft beer experience . . . A great label's art says something about the drink . . . Some show humor, some show attitude, some show brilliance, some show beauty . . . A great label becomes part of the beer somehow. It's a doorway to the drink - both a reflection of and an invitation to the brewer's art. Not unlike a CD's cover, a book's jacket or a movie poster's art, a beer label's artwork can color the overall experience. Some labels enhance and others might taint but very few are neutral. Some labels might even be art . . .

pour-curatorSeems we're not the only one's taking craft beer label art seriously. The Pour Curator is a site devoted solely to the subject, and they've been talking about the art of the craft beer label for some time now.

The Pour Curator writes about the art, the design, and the branding of craft beer and profiles the people who do it. The site's tagline set the tone perfectly: There is art. There is beer. This is where they meet.

fegleysmedThe site details the artists doing the work, as well as the beers that the artists are imaging. A current posting, The Best and Worst Art of the Week, highlights recent Art Deco designs by Alex Clare for Fegley's Brew Works and is a perfect example of what the site does so well . . .

So, if you care (as we do) about the craft beer industry's art and imaging - its Vibe as we call it at AmericanCraftBeer.com - then you defiantly want to check out this site.

The Pour Curator lives at the intersection where Serious Art meets Serious Beer. It's an AmericanCraftBeer.com favorite and a must visit destination!

February 27, 2012
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