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The Fusion of Hops and Heads

Craft Beer Industry and Craft Brewery News

Top 6 Disasters Where Craft Beer Would be Essential in Your Emergency Kit (6-4)

We all know disasters are inevitable, and I’m not talking about your typical natural disasters – we’re talking about the mega-disasters that we don’t like to think about but are bound to happen. Events like the polar ice caps melting, Doomsday scenarios, or hostile takeovers that may only be thought possible by liberals, the religious, or skeptics…the catastrophes you may call someone foolish for believing in. If that Extinction Level Event Asteroid hits and you’re not prepared, then who’s going to look like a fool? No need to panic because ACB will inform you about the most important item that you’ll need to pack in your disaster kit and why you’ll need it. You guessed it. You’re going to need some craft beer.


The Chairlady of the Brew

Ali Benetka Takes Top Job at Renegade Brewing

Renegade Brewing Company has been serving up “Offensively Delicious” beer in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe since June of 2011. They brew beer for those “who do the don’ts and don’t the do’s…the renegades.” Earlier this month, Renegade continued a tradition of bucking tradition, naming Ali Benetka Head Brewer – making her the second female head brewer and, at 24, the youngest in the state of Colorado…and possibly the youngest in the nation. We caught up with Ali to pick the brain of the Chairlady of the Brew.

"I view the craft beer biz as an entertainment industry and that informs everything we do here"
- Tom Bobak - Founder & Editor-in-Chief / American Craft Beer

Newbies - New Releases That You Want to Look Out For - June 27, 2013

So many beers, So little time…With so many craft breweries, releasing so many beers, we thought it might help to provide a weekly update on all the new beers that are hitting the streets…So welcome to this week’s edition of Newbies – your guide to great new craft beer releases!

 |  JUNE 27, 2013

The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill - June 26, 2013

Hey it’s Wednesday and it’s Rumor Mill Time…There’s fantastic news coming out of Westeros and we’ll be bringing you everything we know so far. Plus we’ve got some fast-breaking news from Dogfish Head at the Firefly Festival and from New Belgium up at Telluride! We’ve also got an awesome new release that you’ll want to chase down. So fasten your seatbelts everybody…THIS WEEK’S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

JUNE 26, 2013

Drink This, Eat That: A Bostonian's Guide to Beer/Food Pairings

Some people love sweet swirls of flavor like PB&J or chocolate and strawberries, but for my money, savory will always reign supreme. Since college, I’ve considered pizza and beer to be the ultimate combination – a cold, bubbly lager and a hot, bubbly pie are logically delicious. But my faith in the ultimate pairing has been shaken lately by a force greater than delivery: beer dinners.


American Craft Beer Goes Global This Summer

US Beer lovers won’t be the only ones beating the heat with craft offerings this summer. Through the efforts of the Brewers Association and the Export Development Program, American craft brewers will have a significant presence at a number of international beer events. Included in the summer schedule are festivals and conventions in Brazil, Germany and Great Britain. The BA will also be represented at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. 

 |  JUNE 25, 2013

So, A Girl Walks Into a Brewery…

"It’s shoulder-to-shoulder, standing-room only in the middle of winter at Lincoln, Nebraska’s newest brewery. I can hardly believe my eyes, but I know this marks the beginning of a beautiful cultural expansion for not only Lincoln, but also for the state of Nebraska in terms of craft beer." ACB's newest correspondent, Sara Simonsen, talks about the Nebraska craft beer scene.


Earthshaking Changes at American Craft Beer

There are a number of changes taking place at ACB and we thought it best that you heard about everything from us before it breaks nationally…

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Amber Medin to the position of Co-Editor and Director of Social Media at American Craft Beer LLC. In spite of serious concerns from friends and family, Amber chose to join us last year as our Dallas-based correspondent and went on to making an immediate name for herself as a writer and a member of the Dallas craft beer community. In addition to writing and repping for us, Amber also took on our social media arm with a vengeance and made everyone here look better in the process.

And in what may well be one of the worst mistakes that they’ve ever made, two new regional correspondents are joining the American Craft Beer crew…

Michelle Young is replacing Amber as our new Dallas-based correspondent.

Sara Simonsen will now be covering the heartland for us as our new Nebraska Correspondent.

Also say hello to Warren Wills who recently joined us as our Portland correspondent as did Mark Slattery who now covers Denver for us.

Tom Bobak - Founder & Editor-in-Chief / American Craft Beer LLC

 |  JUNE 25, 2013

Your New Craft Beer Sippy Cup

When you're paying for SERIOUS beer, the last thing you want when you're hanging outside with your crew is a wam, sweaty, buggy beer. What if we told you that there was a way to avoid all these summertime annoyances  with one simple, stylish, and totally awesome product? The Product Farm has done just that with the 16 oz. Brew2Go cup!

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