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Good Books – Sarah Hepola’s Blackout

ACB‘s Guide to New Books on Beer and Anything Else That We’re Reading.

Alcoholism is a subject that’s mostly avoided the drinks biz – but it’s one of the 800 pound gorillas in the room. We all know people who drink recklessly - who are victims to alcohol’s pleasures and pull. It may be one of the reasons that some are drawn to our industry to begin with. After all if you enjoy getting buzzed, the alcohol business is not a bad place to be…just sayin’.

Which brings us to Sarah Hepola’s Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, a compelling account of one woman’s “drinking life” and her very personal journey back from self-destruction.


The American Craft Beer Friday Wrap-Up

This Week’s Compendium of Our Good, Bad & Ugly

Hey we get it.  You’re busy and you can’t possibly hang with us 24/7. But still, we don’t want you to be missing all the good stuff. So as part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the best craft beer and lifestyle coverage on the face of the planet - and to keep you plugged into our ongoing recklessness – we do a weekly compilation of our recent good, bad and ugly.

So welcome to another Friday Wrap-Up

NOVEMBER 6, 2015

The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks - November 6, 2015

Hey the work week is over… And it’s time to start thinking fun. Well good, because we’re all about it and we’ve got all kinds of ideas for you. From the nation’s coolest beer festivals, movies and music to cutting edge TV - we’ve got your back big-time.  Plus we’ve a special weekend beer pick for you too, because we know you’ll be drinking!

So welcome to our awesome Weekend Picks…

NOVEMBER 6, 2015

The State of American Craft Beer – Indiana


We’ve now reached our fourteenth state on the list, The Hoosier State, Indiana. Indiana ranks 16th in total population (roughly 6.6 million), housed 80 craft breweries as of 2014 (roughly over 100 today) and are represented by the Brewers of Indiana Guild (best use of the dotbeer domain thus far, btw). The state ranks 14th in total breweries and 18th in breweries per capita as of 2014, according to the Brewers Association.



Newbies – 5 New Craft Beers That You Need To Check Out

Snow Blind / Big RICC / Motherland Russian Imperial Stout and more!


So many beers- So little time... Fall is giving way to winter and with that comes the beers of the season - and we’ve a number of interesting new releases that you’ll want to chase down…Plus we’ve some very cool offerings from HUB and Adroit Theory that are serious as well.


 |  NOVEMBER 4, 2015

The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill - November 4, 2015

More Craft Beer Industry News, Gossip, and Innuendo

Yikes it’s November already…and absolutely nothing is slowing down anytime soon. But no worries - Rumor Mill is always on the case, keeping you plugged in to all the craft beer news that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you absolutely don’t want to miss that.

NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Dopamine on Draft

How come we’re not surprised by this?

A recent study led by David Kraken of Indiana University is suggesting what we at American Craft Beer.com have long suspected: that even the slightest taste of beer can trigger a rush of chemical pleasure in the brain.

NOVEMBER 4, 2015

6 Reasons The Craft Beer Industry Is Moving To Cans


The Brewer’s Association’s Chief Economist, Bart Watson is a certified beer lover and stats geek - and his commentary on the industry is always insightful. He recently wrote about craft beer’s growing canning trend which led to us ask….

Is craft beer industry’s ongoing movement toward cans inevitable…and why is it picking up steam?


 |  NOVEMBER 2, 2015

Newbies – 5 New Craft Beers That You Need To Check Out

The Eleventh Labor / Hog Island Oyster Stout / River North’s Nightmare Fuel and more!

So many beers- So little time... Fall has arrived and with it the beers of the season - and we’ve a number of interesting new releases that you’ll want to chase down.…Plus we’ve some cool offerings from Ommegang and 21st Amendment that sounds pretty serious as well.

 |  NOVEMBER 2, 2015


Craft Beer News That You Need To Know About!

We blame the industry for this… It used to be that when we wrapped up our Weekend Picks on Friday, we could coast through the weekend. There was little need to check in for updates - things were pretty much done. But clearly all that’s changed.

So here’s some of what’s happened in the world of craft beer while you were off enjoying yourselves

NOVEMBER 2, 2015
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