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What The Hell Is a Cream Ale?


As the days and blades of grass grow longer, so too grows our need to stay hydrated whilst pushing heavy machines across the yard. Yet having a beer called a Cream Ale doesn’t exactly sound like the best option to satisfy that thirst. Or does it?

 |  JUNE 8, 2016

Serious Craft Beers That You Need Now

Zingiber Cream Ale / Mocha IPA / 2016 Tart Lychee and more

So many beers- So little time... Summer is here and we’ve all the right beers for the season! Plus we’ve some interesting new offerings from Summit and Stone Brewing that you’ll want to get your sweaty little hands on.

 |  JUNE 8, 2016

The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill - June 8, 2016

More Craft Beer Industry News, Gossip, and Innuendo

Yikes, It’s June already… and clearly nothing is slowing down anytime soon. But no worries, Rumor Mill is always on the case, keeping you plugged in to all the craft beer news that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you absolutely don’t want to miss that.

JUNE 8, 2016

The Death of Local and Craft – One Brewer’s Opinion

“Local” and “craft” are two words that are no longer relevant in beer vocabulary. Just my opinion…but I’m sticking with it.

Too often people support particular breweries on the basis of those two words rather than on the actual quality of the beer produced. Consumers often say the beer wasn’t very good at a certain brewery but they’ll give it a second, third or fourth chance simply because it’s down the street or the atmosphere was “fun”.


Newbies – 5 Awesome Craft Beers You Need Now

Keller Pils / Sitka Spruce Ale / Hop Continuum No 4 and more

So many beers- So little time... June has arrived and we’ve all the right beers for this season! Plus we’ve some interesting new “exotics” from Beachwood Blendery and Baranof Island Brewing that you’ll want to get your sweaty little hands on.

 |  JUNE 6, 2016

5 Things We Learned In Alaska

American Craft Beer was recently invited up to Alaska for an “in-depth” tour of their fast-growing craft beer and distilling scene. Having never ventured up into “The Last Frontier” we found it all pretty amazing and here are just some of the things that we learned while we were up there.

 |  JUNE 6, 2016

Muhammad Ali

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

                                                                         Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)

Seems like so many of our pop cultural touchstones having been dying of late... and over the weekend we lost another. 

JUNE 6, 2016


Craft Beer News That You Need To Know About!

We blame the industry for this… It used to be that when we wrapped up our Weekend Picks on Friday, we could coast through the weekend. There was little need to check in for updates - things were pretty much done. But clearly all that’s changed.

So here’s some of what’s happened in the world of craft beer while you were off enjoying yourself.

JUNE 6, 2016

American Craft Beer Newswire

More Articles We Wish We Had Written

ACB covers craft beer news, entertainment and lifestyle 24/7, and we’d like to think we do a decent job. But there’s a lot of great craft beer journalism out there - and were constantly running into articles that we wished that we’d written.

So welcome to another ACB Newswire – recent articles that we’ve enjoyed – and thought you might as well.

JUNE 5, 2016

5 Stupid Questions With NOLA’s Kirk Coco

When one thinks about American craft beer cities, we can probably all agree that New Orleans is not the first town that comes to mind. Well NOLA's Kirk Coco is determined to change that.

JUNE 4, 2016
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