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The Fusion of Hops and Heads

Craft Beer Industry and Craft Brewery News

5 More Great Holiday Beers

Back by popular demand, following our Winter Warmer edition of our “What The Hell” series and subsequent publishing of 2 more sets of 5 Winter Ales, we have no choice but to give the public more of what they crave. So here are five more well-crafted beers we suggest as a brief escape from department store Christmas tunes and the general madness of the season. 


The American Craft Beer Quick Hits - December 8, 2014

5 Craft Beer Happenings That You Need To Know About!

We blame the industry for this… It used to be that when we wrapped up our Weekend Picks on Friday, we could coast through the weekend. There was little need to check in for updates -things were pretty much done. But clearly all that’s changed.

So here’s some of what’s happened in the world of craft beer while you were off enjoying yourselves.


DECEMBER 8, 2014

American Craft Beer Celebrates Repeal Day

And you should too…

December 5th marks the anniversary of the day that the United States repealed the 18th amendment, ending thirteen dark years of Prohibition, and restoring the right for Americans to purchase and consume alcohol once again. Today is a pretty big holiday for us at the American Craft Beer offices. Some of us have been celebrating since 7 am this morning and we suggest that you find some time to as well.

DECEMBER 5, 2014

The American Craft Beer Friday Wrap-Up

More of ACB’s Good, Bad & Ugly

Hey we get it. You’re busy and you can’t hang with us 24/7. But still, we don’t want you to be missing all the good stuff. So as part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the best craft beer and lifestyle coverage on the face of the planet – and to keep you plugged into our ongoing recklessness – we do a weekly compilation of our recent good, bad, and ugly.

So welcome to another edition of our Friday Wrap-Up…

DECEMBER 5, 2014

The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks - December 5, 2014

Hey it’s Friday…Work’s wrapping up and you’re ready for some fun. Well good, because we’re all about it and we’ve got all kinds of ideas for you. From the nation’s coolest beer festivals to movies, music, and cutting-edge TV – we’ve got your back big-time. Plus we’ve a weekend beer pick for you too, because we know you’ll be drinking!

So welcome to our awesome Weekend Picks…

DECEMBER 5, 2014

The American Craft Beer Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

With the holidays fast upon us, we thought it might be helpful to highlight some of this season’s more interesting craft beer gift ideas for that beer lover on your list. This year we’ve so many suggestions for you that we’re breaking things up into three parts. So as we approach the holidays, check in with us every Thursday for more of the best craft gift ideas out there!

So welcome to ACB’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide…the first in our three-part series.

DECEMBER 4, 2014

Newbies - New Releases That You Want to Look Out For

Blackbeard’s Breakfast / Mint Chocolate Porter / Red Sorachi Ace Dubbel and more!

So many beers, So little time…Heavy Seas Beer has all kinds of new releases planned for 2015. We’ve got that for you, plus we’ve some exciting new beers from Saint Arnold and Bootlegger's Brewery that you’ll need to chase down.


 |  DECEMBER 4, 2014

Good Books – 2014 Holiday Edition

Our Seasonal Shopping Guide to Some Great Books on Craft Beer

Welcome to our special Holiday Edition of Good Books – ACB’s Guide to New Books on Beer and Anything Else That We’re Reading.



DECEMBER 3, 2014

The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill - December 3, 2014

Hey it’s Wednesday and it’s Rumor Mill Time...If you’re thinking about relocating and craft beer is a factor – we’ve a suggestion for you. We’ll have more on that, as well as other things breaking right now in the world of craft beer. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately.

DECEMBER 3, 2014

Born In A Blizzard – The DuVig Brewing Story

2013 will be remembered for the snowstorms that blasted the Northeast. Residents of towns like Branford, Connecticut were snowed in and without power for days. Many spent their days digging out – others succumbed and dug in – and the Dugas and Vigliott families spent their time together drinking beer and talking about what would eventually become the DuVig Brewing Company.

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