The Fusion of Hops and Heads


Hop Harvest Time At Elk Mountain

It was raining lightly when I awoke at dawn, and the soft echoing sounds it made falling on my tent was awesome. It was day two of my trip to the Elk Mountain Hop Farm, and I hurriedly readied myself for what would be a full day exploring the farm and learning the whole hop harvesting process courtesy of the Goose Island and Anheuser-Busch crews.



Glamping With Goose Island

I was invited out to Idaho last week to hang out with Goose Island and Anheuser-Busch and to tour Elk Mountain Hop Farm – a truly amazing place in a spectacular mountain setting. It was a full day of learning the ins and outs of the hop-farming process and two fun nights around campfires, drinking great beer late into the evening with brewers, beer-savants, and hop warriors…



The American Craft Beer Rumor Mill - August 27, 2014

This week's guide to Craft Beer News, Gossip and Innuendo

Hey it’s Wednesday and that means it’s Rumor Mill Time….The NBWA and the Brewers Association have released a list of some of this county’s best craft beer distributors and one of them will be honored at this year’s Great American Beer Festival in Denver. We’ll get into that and on to other things that are breaking right now in the world of craft beer. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately.

We don’t sleep so you can….THIS WEEK’S RUMOR MILL IS ON!

AUGUST 27, 2014

Unearthing The Craft – The Granite State Has A New Hot Commodity

It must be hard to be sandwiched between two brewing titans like Vermont and Maine. New Hampshire is as tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool New England as it gets (the state’s motto is Live Free Or Die after all), but the Granite State’s brewing industry has miles to go before it sleeps. New Hampshire may be late in the brewing game, but its will is strong, and breweries are opening across the region. The road is long and winding and not without its missteps and sprained ankles, but the horizon looks promising with what’s bubbling in the 603.


Diamond Knot – Summer is in Session

It’s summer! For those under 21, that means summer camp. For diehard homebrewers and devout bloggers, that might mean Beer Camp (looking at you, Sierra Nevada and Baird Brewing!). However, for everyone else, summer is the season of choice for outdoor revelry at any number of beer festivals around the world.


The American Craft Beer Quick Hits - August 25, 2014

5 Craft Beer Happenings That You Need To Know About!

We blame the industry for this… It used to be that when we wrapped up our Weekend Picks on Friday, we could coast through the weekend. There was little need to check in for updates –things were pretty much done. But clearly all that’s changed.

So here’s some of what’s happened in the world of craft beer while you were off enjoying yourselves.

AUGUST 25, 2014

The American Craft Beer Friday Wrap-Up

This Week’s Good, Bad, & Ugly

Hey we get it. You’re busy and you’ve other pressing obligations that might get in the way of you hanging with us 24/7. But still, we can’t have you missing all the good stuff. So as part of our ongoing commitment to bringing you the most unique and entertaining craft beer and lifestyle coverage on the face of the planet – and to keep you plugged into our continuing recklessness – we’ve introduced this new regular feature.

So welcome to ACB’s Friday Wrap-Up - This Week’s Good, Bad, & Ugly

AUGUST 22, 2014

The American Craft Beer Weekend Picks - August 22, 2014

Hey it’s Friday…Work’s been brutal this week so you’re ready to shut down and have some fun. Well good, because we’re all about it and we’ve got all kinds of awesome ideas for you. From the nation’s coolest beer festivals to movies, music and cutting edge TV - we’ve got your back big-time.

So welcome to our awesome Weekend Picks…

AUGUST 22, 2014

Seasonal Creep and Other Craft Beer Buzz Kills

Seasonal Creep and Other Craft Beer Buzz Kills
Photo credit: Dads Round Table

Nothing slakes that late summer thirst when you're relaxing on a beach, camping near a lake, or just grilling on your deck, like a tall, frosty, malty glass of Pumpkin beer. Are you serious craft beer community? Seasonal creep gives me the seasonal creeps. Despite many bemoaning the short summer season here in New England, we’re already witnessing beers packed with sugary pumpkin additives and Oktoberfest-shoved piles in stores. If the sight of pumpkins and Märzens sitting next to lemon shandies and beergaritas looks strange, it’s not from drinking too much.


Newbies - New Craft Beer Releases that you want to look out for - August 21, 2014

Rum Barrel Quandary / Hibiscus Gose / Agent a Deux and more!

So many beers, So little timeOur friends at River North Brewery are re-releasing a barrel-aged beauty that you need to know about. We’ve that story for you plus other cool new releases from Brewery Vivant and Boulevard that you’ll want to chase down!

AUGUST 21, 2014
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