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5 Stupid Questions With NOLA’s Kirk Coco

When one thinks about American craft beer cities, we can probably all agree that New Orleans is not the first town that comes to mind. Well NOLA's Kirk Coco is determined to change that.

JUNE 4, 2016

5 Stupid Questions with Beavertown Brewery’s Logan Plant

We first met Logan Plant some years back when he was still with the UK-based band Sons of Albion and they were touring the states in support of their first US release. And even though that band was making some great music together at that time – nothing would ever have prepared us for Plant’s next act as the founder of Beavertown Brewery – one of London’s most exciting and innovative craft breweries!

As busy as he is managing Beavertown’s incredible growth, Logan graciously agreed to give us his time. And we repaid that kindness by asking him…5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

JANUARY 1, 2016

5 Stupid Questions With Maui Brewing’s Garrett Marrero

Event season is ON!  What with this year’s CBC and SAVOR, having recently taken place - and everything going on overseas - brewers are pretty busy getting out and about. Garrett Marrero is no different as he has been travelling from Maui to Portland to Maui to Washington, DC. Still, when you take a trip to Maui you have to reach out and at least TRY to talk to him, right?


5 Stupid Questions with the Widmer Brothers, Kurt and Rob

With the annual Craft Brewers Conference getting cranked up today in Portland - one of the country’s great incubators for what is now a sprawling national craft beer scene, it only seemed natural to pick the brains of the two guys who’ve had as big an impact on the industry as anyone else. Kurt and Rob Widmer have built a diverse brand of artisanal brews and guided Widmer Brothers Brewing to profound success for over 30 years now, including the creation of the Craft Brew Alliance.

 |  APRIL 13, 2015

5 Stupid Questions with Heavy Seas’ Hugh Sisson

Heavy Seas Founder Hugh Sisson is a renaissance man and one of the busiest people in this biz. Widely known as the founder and face of Baltimore-based Heavy Seas Beer, he’s a tireless advocate for the industry and involved in all kinds of things. But in spite of everything he has going on, let alone the 24/7 demands of helming a brewery as ambitious as Heavy Seas Beer, Mr. Sisson kindly made time for us.

And we repaid his graciousness by wasting his time with…5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

APRIL 6, 2015

5 Stupid Questions with Firestone Walker’s David Walker

Firestone Walker began as a small brewery with roots in the wine country on California’s Central Coast.  They are now an internationally acclaimed, award-winning craft brewery with a singular purpose – to craft the world’s best beers.  Firestone Walker was founded in 1996 by Adam Firestone and his brother-in-law David Walker. Mr. Walker kindly agreed to let us interview him and we repaid his kindness by asking him…5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

JANUARY 27, 2015

5 Stupid Questions With Lagunitas Brewing’s Tony Magee

Tony Magee is the Founder and CEO of Lagunitas Brewing Company – the fifth largest and fastest growing craft brewery in the United States. He’s also one of the industry’s larger-than-life characters, known for shooting from the hip via his Twitter feed. In addition to recently opening a second brewery in Chicago, he’s just re-published So You Want To Start A Brewery?, a laugh-out-loud (and recently updated) memoir that he somehow found time to work on.

And even with everything that he’s got going on, Mr. Magee kindly agreed to sit down with ACB, and we repaid his graciousness by asking him …5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

OCTOBER 8, 2014

5 Stupid Questions with F.X. Matt Brewing’s Fred Matt

If ever there were a craft brewer that deserved to be considered a true heritage brewery, Utica, New York’s F.X. Matt Brewing Company would be one of a very few. Nestled at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, this family-owned business has been brewing beer since 1888. And in spite of that kind of history and presence, many in the craft beer community don’t realize that they are a powerhouse and were ranked as the 8th largest craft brewing company in the US based upon 2012 beer sales volume. Fred Matt is the President and COO of this impressive operation and he foolishly agreed to submit himself to our reckless questions.

MAY 22, 2014

5 Stupid Questions with Joshua M. Bernstein—Author of The Complete Beer Course

The last time that we spoke with Josh, he was just releasing his first book, Brewed Awakening. It was a beautifully designed, witty, and wonderfully written book. We were all about it. But for some reason (read: drunkenness), our 5 Stupid Questions with him ended badly, and he left our offices promising that he was done “dealing with idiots” and threatening to fire his publicist. Who knew writers even had publicists?


MAY 7, 2014

5 Stupid Questions with Washington, DC Beer Maestro Greg Engert

If you live anywhere around the Mid-Atlantic and you care about beer – you already know who Greg Engert is. He’s the face and the voice of craft beer in the nation’s capital and a rising star nationally.  Greg recently agreed to let us interview him and we repaid his graciousness by asking him 5 STUPID QUESTIONS.

MARCH 18, 2014
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